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It was a perfect summers morning when I arrived at Newton Hall to shoot bridal prep with her closest friends and family.


I found the bride and her bridal party excitedly getting prepared for the day ahead. Anna and her bridesmaids spent the morning laughing and celebrating their friendship as well as preparing the Bride for the day ahead. We got some fun shots in these moments which really show off Annas personality and the mood of the day.

It was 1pm when I entered the Enchanted Chapel where the days ceremony was due to take place. The light and shadows of this space create a wonderful ethereal feel to the images.


After photographing the guests and features of the room I placed myself in the perfect spot and got ready for the ceremony to begin. 


My camera found Josh, anxiously awaiting Anna's arrival. His face calm, his eyes full of nervous excitement. These flashes of emotion come and go in the blink of an eye and so I have to work quickly and be extremely aware of the room so I don't miss a single moment.


I discreetly moved around the room to capture every second of the ceremony from as many angles as possible. The bridal party's arrival, the faces of the guests, the dressings and the decoration, the tears, the smiles, the laughter; it is all so important when creating a story of this day for the couple. They trusted me to capture every detail of their big day for them and I planned to exceed their expectations.

When the ceremony ends, the celebration begins.


I followed Anna, Josh and their loved ones to the area around Newton Hall to set up their pre-requested group shots and then continued to wander through the groups of guests and capture them, from a distance, chatting and enjoying their day. The afternoon was perfect; a warm day with a bright sky dotted with a light cloud which cast this amazing light. The excitement and joyful energy of couple and their guests after the vows have been sealed is so enjoyable to be a part of. I love to photograph the guests in these moments as their smiles are so warm and genuine.

When the time came for the bridal party and groomsmen to slip away with the couple for some smaller group shots I focussed on the details that Anna & Josh would be too overwhelmed to appreciate in the moment. I smile knowing that when they see their images for the first time they will be able to truly appreciate what an incredible wedding day they created together.

Once all groups shots were taken and the newlyweds had spent some time with their guests I whisked them away for their first 'couple shoot'.


This venue is known for its scenic grounds but over the years I have discovered special little spots which are hidden from the eyes of the guests.


I love to see the couple enjoying a brief moment of peace and solitude as this always creates some beautiful intimate moments.


I already knew, from our pre-wedding photoshoot, the kind of images Anna & Josh felt comfortable posing for so we worked together to create some incredible, dramatic shots. However, my favourite images are those of the couple walking hand-in-hand between our planned shoots; it is in those moments that their connection as a couple radiates and we see pure happiness and love - perfect wedding memories.